Penis Cage

A trip deep into male chastity

Let us be your guide to all the different types and style of male chastity penis cage designs aka cock cages or male chastity cock cages. Finding a penis cage that works for you long term is what you should be thinking about when you order your first cage. Keep in mind most men who practice male chastity or are being trained in the male chastity lifestyle have a number of cages. The standard penis cage covers the shaft and keeps you from handling it. The balls hang but are cinched in with a cock ring that keeps the shaft part of the cage in place. Male chastity cock cages are available in plastic, silicone, leather and metal. Metal cages are by far the most popular but most men keep a plastic or silicone cage available when traveling other men prefer these materials over metal. There are men of all types practicing male chastity many of which you would never guess like the prominent lawyer or the distinguished doctor and maybe your next door neighbor. That tough coach that works at the gym might not have access to his own cock. I am part of a group with over a hundred members all men and their wives, girlfriends, boyfriends and husbands. Our group is made up of straight, gay and bisexual men not that it matters much since sexual pleasure is kept from us all. I'm straight but I find it interesting that many of my gay friends that are in the group not only wear a penis cage but are forced to wear and anal lock too. There is one thing I have noticed and that is that many men that practice male chastity seem to have smaller penises. I fall into that category and it seems like many of the cock cages are geared for men like me. This site is here to guide you with your search for the perfect cock cage. It is not like you can go to the local department store and find a cage. Most of what they carry at adult stores are of low quality and are both expensive and for the most part useless. I like to say a picture is worth more than a thousand words when it comes to finding a cock cage that fits. It is important that any cage you are thinking about you see fitted to a real penis so you can compare how you think it would fit you.

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Male chastity begins and ends with the correct penis cage.

A Penis Cage Can Be Extremely Personal

Wearing a penis cage is one of those personal things that most guys really don’t want to talk about and with good reason. Most people don’t want to know what something like this is or why anyone would want to wear one in the first place. But there have become more and more men starting to get involved with them and that is starting to get attention. Now there are always going to be men out there that will think wearing a penis cage is the wrong thing to do but what do they know. Secretly they are probably wishing they had the guts to try something like this out anyway. For all those guys that are interested there is plenty of information online to get you pointed in eh right direction though and that is where you need to start looking. Always do your research before getting involved in something like this so that you know exactly what you are getting into so that the surprises are limited to physical experiences and not emotional aspects.

Using a Penis Cage

When it comes to using a penis cage, the first thing to do is know what it is and why one is needed. The basic definition of one of these cages is exactly like it sounds. It is a miniature cage that fits over the penis. It is equipped with a tiny door and lock with a small key. This key is turned to lock the cage once it is placed over the penis. Now, for the true purpose of these cages. They are used primarily in chastity relationships. The Key Holder keeps possession of the key to the cage and the submissive man is not allowed to remove that cage without the permission of the Key Holder. In fact, the cage is meant to be worn at all times to keep from getting random erections and indulging in sex that is not permitted. The only time these cages are removed is for cleaning and to please the Key Holder.